Mission & Vision

with a purpose

Next-gen of social media

We want to make experiences that focus more on the social and less on the media.

There was a time when social media was less about doomscrolling and more about eachother.

We want to bring that back!

Meaningful relationships

The really memorable moments in our life are rarely planned. They’re spontaneous, they involve strangers, loved ones, that friend you haven’t heard from in a year, but when you do its like neither of you missed a beat.

Powerful moments

The most powerful conversations in our life happen in the most random of places and moments.

Short-Video. A.I. Pictures. Voice Notes. Podcasts. There are so many options in front of us to explore and try to get back to what matters most...

Powerful, meaningful moments of serendipity.

The future of social is very different

No more influencers, social means more than media.